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Personnel Selection

The DLR - Department of Aviation and Space Psychology conducts psychological aptitude tests and personality assessments for various national and international aerospace organisations for example airlines, air traffic controll organisations, space agencies, airforces, etc. Our expertise is used for the selection of fixed wing as well as rotary wing pilots, air traffic controllers, astronauts, and other staff working in highly dynamic and challenging human-machine environments. The selection procedure can be conducted either in our facilities in Hamburg, Germany or at the customer's location using mobile computerized testing equipment.
In case of interest in
our aviation psychological expertise for your personnel selection, please contact us via fax or email.

For customers wishing to create their own selection system DLR offers custom made solutions. Usually the target is the establishment of a testing facility with 10, 20, 50 or more stations for Computer Assisted Testing (CAT). Aptitude and personality tests will be developed or translated in the national language of the customer. Local aviation psychologists can be trained to operate the test system. DLR will consult how to integrate CAT into a stringent selection system. A reliable and valid selection system enables our customers to recruit personnel which is efficient, operating safely and in no need for extraordinarily long or extensive training. The savings in training costs plus enhancement of safety standard are the benefits that regularly exceed the investments for the selection system.
In case of interest in the establishment of
your own selection system, please contact us via fax or email.

Applicants undergoing a DLR assessment, please refer to our coaching & download area for specific information and preparation material.


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