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DLR Aviation and Space Psychology
Sportallee 54a
D-22335 Hamburg
Phone: +49-40-513096-0
Fax: +49-40-513096-60

The Department of Aviation and Space Psychology is based in Hamburg, North Germany. Hamburg Airport is 'just around the corner'. The building in Sportallee 54 consists of two sections, A and B. Waiting areas and testing rooms are located on the 5th floors of both sections. Our reception is located on the fourth floor of building 54 A.

By plane
Visit the website of Hamburg International Airport for details not only about departures and arrivals, but also for up to date information about ground transportation options. Among others there ist the
airport shuttle bus (holiday shuttle) which will take you free of charge from the terminals to Parking P9 and back again (from 03:45 - 24:00 hrs - every 10 minutes). From P9 it is only a five minute walk down Sportallee to number 54a.

By rail

See timetable and information of the German Rail.

By car
You can reach the Airport from the following directions (or see map):
Schleswig - Holstein via the A 7 motorway, exit Schnelsen - Nord
Mecklenburg - Vorpommern via the A 1 and A 24 motorways, exit Horn (A 24)
Niedersachsen - via the A 7 motorway, exit Schnelsen - Nord
Throughout Hamburg the way to the Airport is well signposted. Or consult the ground plan for further details.


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